New Approaches to Health Insurance Programs

In the good old days, chambers could actually create value and support for their mission with health insurance programs – then came the ACA!  Members still need help in this arena and chambers have responded in a variety of ways by experimenting with new approaches. This session will cover efforts to create self-insured multiple employer plans, partner with faith based medical cost sharing programs and explore the potential for new Association Health Plans.  Each approach has risks and opportunities, as the chamber work to creating value while staying “in-bounds” with changing regulatory and legal requirements and an ever-changing health insurance market. 

  • Eddie McBride, IOM, President & CEO, Lubbock Chamber of Commerce

  • Steve Millard, CCE, President & CEO, Greater Akron Chamber

  • Chris Romer, IOM, President & CEO, Vail Valley Partnership

Tuesday, July 16 | 10:45 a.m. | Promenade 103A

Will Burns